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I would like to suggest that links from be removed from the automatic visitor and put into a more suitable place (such as manual max or manual action). Links to be shown in the visitor are supposed to be ones that no action is required to use and don't lock up the visitor...however, this screenshot clearly shows that the site requires action via a pop-up:

When this site and its pop-up shows, the automatic visitor halts and will not finish its visits until the pop-up is closed. If a person is away from their computer, their computer can sit there for hours stuck on this process. I have come home many times to find my computer's fan whirring noisily due to the amount of tabs that are stuck open due to a pokelife tab (or two) sitting there waiting for me to close the pop-up(s), and feel that these links do not fit where they are at the moment. Disabling javascript wouldn't solve the issue either, since quite a few other sites I use require javascript to be enabled to function properly. Thank you for reading this, and I hope to hear a positive response to this.
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