Fighting Tactics

Distance weapons

That is the tactic prefered by all archers. The point is that the archer is shooting the opponent with bow or crossbow as long as the target lets him to.

Offensive magic

That tactic is prefered by all magicians. Mage is casting spells as long as he has MANA points and as long as an opponent lets him to.

Melee fighting

An easy technique of fighting that comes down to quickly reaching the enemy and slashing him from close up.

Scheme: Archer vs. Archer

When two archers have a duel they will stay at distance, aim at each other and shoot bolts or arrows till one of them is defeated. But if two bundlers, who aren't able to hit each other, meet on the arena, they will finally be dead tired and the duel will end in a draw.

Scheme: Archer vs Wizard

If a hostile encounter between an archer and a wizard occurs, the archer will obviously shoot with his bow, while the wizard will cast offensive magic. And so, should both of them miraculously survive the process, and should the wizard run out of mana, he will then grab his staff (with a knob on the top) and batter shooting out of archer's head. Then they fight in melee. Sometimes, it's the stamina that determines the winner.

Scheme: Archer vs. Warrior

At the beginning the archer shoots at the warrior like he was hunting a duck... till the warrior, already looking like a hedgehog, runs up to the archer. Then the situation changes diametrically and the archer will be in real trouble unless he can fight really well.

Scheme: Wizard vs Wizard

Both magicians run their incantations, and the dance of flashes and explosions starts. If none of them fries another soon, and one of them runs short of mana, despite his reeky face he shall seek retribution in direct persuation, thus starting a melee skirmish.

Scheme: Wizard vs Warrior

The Wizard will probably do his best to fry, shock, freeze, disintegrate or in any other way enchant the warrior before he reaches him. Should he fail, there's not much chance he will survive the close clash with a heavily armoured and professional warrior. Not a bright future, really.

Scheme: Warrior vs. Warrior

The two opponents will simply run into each other like two rams, comparing the size of the horns. The melee fight starts. Not much place for luck. The best wins.