7 stats and there is who you are!


The energy is the symbol of character's activity. It is a kind of renewable resource. One point of it adds to the overall amount every 15 minutes (no matter if you're logged in or not). You spend it on various actions, like fighting (1 point), searching and completing the quests, working, taking part in a challenge or even gambling at the tavern.
The energy gauge raises to the maximum amount (50 points). If you happen not to use it, every next point will be wasted. The renewal of the energy can be quicken by renting a room in the tavern (the character is logged out, and it is good to wait for the boost to take effect). The dormitory raises the renewal speed by 10% (for example!), your own room by 20%. That means, that 2,5h after logout the gauge would increase to 12 instead of 10. Oh, and a small anount of energy can be restored by eating meals at the tavern too.


A parameter of great importance to all those, who dabble in magic arts. It raises the amount of spells you can remember and considerably adds to your mana gauge.
Elves have a natural bonus of +15% in this feature, on the contrary to the dwarfs (-15%).


A feature as important as inteligence, sensibly raising the man a gauge, AND the willpowerL of the character.
Compared to humans, elves have the advantage of +15%, dwarfs of +5%.


Strength is a very important attribute to warriors. It has direct influence for your damage (min and max) both in melee and distance. This attribute shows us, how much our character can lift and how much the equipment weight slow him down.
For elves this is harder to improve because of their physiognomy, so they have -10% to that attribute. For the same reason dwarfs have +10%.


Endurance is the next important attribute that directly influences lifting capacity of a character (but not as much as strength). Endurance is also a determinant for resistance to exertion, so it affects overall condition. As everybody knows, in a healthy body there is a healthy spirit, so endurance changes will power too. It also alters character's vital power (HP points). Characters that developed this attribute to a high level have their inborn armor class (AC) increased by a small amount too.
Although elves live very long it's harder for them to increase this attribute (-10%). On the other hand, dwarfs have a +10% bonus.


This attribute is important for everyone! It directly determines maximum character's speed, so it affects distance shooting speed, spell casting speed and speed of character's running when fully equipped. Dexterity increases a chance of hitting from distance as well as in a melee combat. Dodging ability in a melee fight is also influenced by this attribute.
It's easy to be agile for elves - so they have +15%, contrary to dwarves -20%.


Highly charismatic characters can much more easily make contacts with others, people somehow more eagerly talk to them, thus it is much easier for them to pave new paths and find new quests. Charisma also defines leadership abilities, and such skills will be of great value in clans, as well as in some adventures, especially the group ones.
Humans have a +20% bonus, Dwarves, due to their "oddness", have some issues leading others and have a -20% penalty.


Who wouldn't like to be lucky? After all, it affects nearly everything, although only slightly and in a manner difficult to notice... Luck directly affects only the chance of dodging a ranged attack Humans, the favourites of the gods, have a +20% bonus, whereas Elves are penalized by -10%, Dwarves by -15%/