Character races in Wanderer


As we all know Elves are distinguished sorcerers, specialized in offensive and defensive magic. They quickly learn skills designed for sorcerers and they earn lots of mana during their progress. Besides they're dexterous and they have excellent sight that makes them wonderful archers. Elves quickly earn skills needed to shooting straight to the target with deadly precision. By dint of skills they have, they've got chance to became really hard distance opponents. They're worse in close range fight when constitution and strength are useful (which elves have not enought). They are not good in using heavy weapons like mace or axe, skills based on melee fight grow slower. They shouldn't wear heavy armours. Elf will never be a Paladin, Cleric, Assasin and he'll never join to Knight's growth line.


This strong and tough race consists of premium fighters. No-one can outclass them in meelee combat. They excel in use of the most terrifying kind of weapons - the axes, as well as maces. Any skill connected with toughness, strength, and meelee fighting overally, will improve fastest here. They are almost indecently healthy, especially on proper stage of their career. They DO can cast spells, yet such art is really obscure to them all, although now and then you can see a dwarf covering himself in magic shield, or even trying to cast magic missiles... Nevertheless, they will never marvel in the path of magic, and more advanced techniques will remain unexplored to them. They face some other problems, of dexterous nature, when trying to use bows. A dwarf will never become a Paladin, Cleric, Assasin, Knight or good Bowman.


Humans are the most miscellaneous race of all, they can become whatever they want. Every profession is available for them, as well as the skills. However, they will always be surpassed when it comes to the level of skills, by elves in magic and archery, and by dwarfs in melee fighting. Luckily, they are lucky, truly lucky, and it's their luck that takes them out of trouble. When it comes to skills, they advance variously, but never worst and best. They can be very dangerous as the assasins, as well as exceptionally good wizards, bowmen... plus, they can support themselves with healing magic of Monks, then Clerics and Paladins. Only humans may become Knights and climb the ladder of their hierarchy!