Adventures? Exceptional events!!

What is an adventure? (Quest)?

Adventures are events that make this world more interesting and addictive. There are many adventures in the game and new ones are constantly appearing. And there are different kinds of them, but we'll discuss that later. You can start an adventure whenever you have enough energy for it. And it usually boils down to arriving to a certain place and accomplishing a quest that has been given to you. Generally it's not easy to finish an adventure and you really have to perform well. At the end of a quest there is usually a gold reward waiting for you. Although some quests can be completed multiple times you will get the main reward only once.

Where can I find more adventures?

A few of them are available straightaway in the beginning of your game (Menu: QUESTS => ADVENTURES), however most of them you will find later when loitering around the town (Menu: QUESTS => SEEK ADVENTURES). You need to spend some time and energy to find a quest. Adventures come out suddenly and certainly not at once. You will need a lot of wandering to find most of them and you can never be sure that you've found all, because some of the adventures can be found only in particular circumstances. And of course new adventures are being added all the time.

Kinds of adventures:

So what is this adventure for?

Finishing adventures is the best way to get tons of experience. You can also get rich this way, because in some quests gold just lies around or it can be grabbed from defeated enemy's corpses.