How to start to survive? How to start to win?


You get a money bag with 50 coins. First of all you should invest your money: you can bury it under a tree and wait for something to grow ą hoping and deeply believing you will reap the harvest. Or you can get something for it and the best way to spend the money in the beginning is to buy an armour, a bow or an offensive/defensive spell.


Armour is important and everyone, who got a beating with a stick or something tougher (or sharper), knows it well. Our resistance to all those hits with all kinds of arms is represented by AC factor, the greater the better. Every 10 points of it gives on average a point of injury less. However, this is a matter of a random nature (in the combat) in some scope; sometimes it could be a little less, and sometimes a little more. You should be wary though and watch carefully if the armour is not too heavy and does not constrain your moves. Since then your armour brings a failure instead of victory, as there will be no way to move!

Everyone should hastily acquire some spells

At the beginning there are 2 spell types to choose from, defensive and offensive - those raising your armor class are particularly interesting... yet you do not have big a choice from the start, due to lack of skill needed to cast spells. Thus, the ones for you to start with are Shocking Grasp and Magic Armour. It is them you will train the basics of MAGIC with, in order to be able to cast better ones in the future. Remember to activate them though Equipment => Spells Book, as only activated spell has a chance to be cast during the battle. The Clerical spells are for those more proficient with magic, and only those following the path of a cleric.

It is said, it is good for you to carry a distance weapon

Everyone knows how to shoot, better or worse, faster or slower. The elves excel in this skill to extend never to be reached by a Dwarf, but basically everyone may and should buy himself a distance weapon. One clear shot at the beginning of the fight may determine the outcome. The skill of Bow or Crossbow rises as well. The higher that skill is, the higher probability you will strike home is. To shoot more arrows before the opponent reaches you, you need some decent amount of Agility, fair and square. One should also remember, that the weight of one's armor reduces the speed considerably!

Things to remember

In case you set your tactics to distance fighting, you shoot in the beginning of a fight until your foe gets closer to you. The same with offensive spells; you cast them till the first sword slash! After that you won't be able to shoot at all, however there is a small chance to cast an offensive spell or two while melee fighting. How many times can you shoot? It all depends on how fast your opponent runs and also on your shooting or spell casting speed.

If you want to earn money, look for it where it can be found

So other players are who you should be looking for; they are the best, limitless source of money. You wonŃt get too much experience this way though, but you can always gain it somewhere else. Other sources of gold coins are all these humanoids in quests, such as goblins or gnomes in the beginning. Other than that, finishing quests may also be very beneficial, because the reward for accomplishing them can be quite profitable!


It's really obvious that it doesn't possess any money, unless it ate some beforehand, and you had it in you to check... then you may find something, yes. Sometimes, you may find some gold lying on the ground, forsaken or lost by someone, yet it is really a small addition to your pouch, that one. The hordes of undead you may encounter in your journeys do not possess much gold either. Well, it IS kinda hard for them to reach a bargain, is it not?

Experience, meaning progress

Quests. This are the places to find plenty of experience. You may receive a decent amount of it for every monster you slay, thus advancing among the community... and there's a lot to achieve, as what you see here is just a tiny extract, the first page of a fat grimoire which, I hope, you will read and contribute to with sheer pleasure.
This grimoire sure has plenty pages empty, waiting for you...

See you on the battlefield!!!