Stings, whips and other sticks


You don't belive he did it again! You're getting tired of him, little scoundrel... you raised your huge double-sided axe with difficulty one more time. Standing like that, with sweat running down and itching your hairy and dirty back, you waited. You promise yourself the first thing after returning above the ground to be finding a river and get a vital shower. Ah, there you are, you...
Godsdamnit! The attack hit your calf, and the attacker jolted away! Next time you shall use the leg, not the axe! No half baked pathetic rat macho shall mock you this way! You'll trample it into the pavement...

Every weapon has several attributes. One of the most important is "delay"; the higher it is the more time it lasts between two consecutive attacks to take place.
Another important attribute is damage range (damage); 2-10 +3 means that this weapon can do damages between 5 and 13 points.
Next attribute that describes a weapon is +hit. It adds additional points to your chance of hitting an opponent, i.e. it's easier to hit when you fight with a rapier than with an axe.
+par attribute improves your ability to block (PARRY) a blow during a fight.
+skl gives you extra points to your weapon skill (if you use an axe then +skl goes to your axe skill).
Cap is a weight of a weapon; the lower it is the better, because it influences overall speed of a character.
Min.Sword is the minimum level of sword skill you need to have in order to use a particular sword (it applies in the same way to axes, maces, staffs and other weapons).


This is the most known and the most varying weapon of them all. The main quality of this arm, compared to axes and maces, is its speed and accuracy. You can also easily parry an attack with it. Adding on, it is commonly used and thus easier to obtain, and probably for a lower price than others. The only downside of it is that it inflicts less damage than an axe or mace. The sword is especcially valued by knights and the Elven race.
When you fight using this arm, you use the SWORD ability.


Battleaxe is a weapon that earns respect by the sheer view of it. It is a difficult arm to use but years of practice pay back, while an axe in skilled hands is a deadly weapon, even for opponents wearing the best of armors. Axe causes most damage of all weapons, but it's hard to move it quickly, parry or hit something either. Battleaxe is a dwarf's favourite weapon and they are masters at wielding it. Strong mercenaries often use that weapon, too.
By fighting with an axe you use the skill of AXE.


Maces are all sorts of clubs, hammers, morningstars or flails. Damage that they cause is hard to foresee. The damage can be large but can be small, either. It depends on where you hit the target. And hitting is easly, more easy and quickly then by axe. These weapons are used by Brigands and another cutthroats, however Warriors are pretty good at using maces, Monks too.
By fighting with that weapon you use the skill of MACE.


Those ill-natured refer to them as walking sticks. It is however the favourite arm of the magic adepts. They...stick to it so much, they sometimes enchant the better ones, this way making it stimulate the flow of magic rather than improving melee skills. Nevertheless, skillful Wizards can succesfully parry many attacks with a staff, even thrusting their own attack every now and then.
Using this weapon means utilizing the skill of STAFF.


Ranged weapons. It depends on quality of making, but usually they have a high rate of fire. It's hard to use a bow though, because hitting anything requires some luck and great dose of skill (especially when one wants to hit a small target like rat or bat). Still and all, accurate arrow can be very painful to an enemy, because the bow deals much greater damage than melee weapons and if you add the fact that you can start shooting before enemy can get to you, it clearly shows that it is a very useful arm indeed. Bows are the weapons of choice for archers and many elves, although Brigands can also use them effectively. One can even sometimes see Dwarfs armed with bows, but only on the fairs and they are either mockers or scoffers.
Use of this weapons utilizes DISTANCE skill.


Crossbow is a ranged weapon and a decent crossbow in skilled hands means nearly instant death to an adversary. There's no other weapon, that delivers so much damage! It's very slow to reload, but a fired bolt is usually quite accurate. Still, it's a bit unpopular weapon, mainly because Elves prefer lighter and faster bows and more competent warriors favour melee fights.
Use of this weapons utilizes DISTANCE skill.