Iron for protection


Johny peeked at a huge pile of twisted metal junk, pointed with his finger and cried out:
- So pretty he was, riding on his horsy... and now he lies here, out cold - he couldn't stop tears from flowing now - and... and he has no pouch! Buuuuuu! - the cry tore heart of his father. He tried not to notice though, focusing on undoing a knot of a slim, but very strong rope he bought earlier from a foreign trader, and unbinding it from a tree. A pity, true, but what can you do? Wise guy would rather wear a fancy armor than keep money on himself. How do you take a man out from such canister?.. And then, how to trudge all that stuff to the market? That's right, gold would be much less heavy... aw well, maybe some other client will come by. The man's face twisted in a grin on that thought.

Armour helps you to decrease injuries taken during a fight. Be careful though, every point of armour class (AC), especially a cheaper one, weights a lot. The more you weight the slower you are and other characters can take advantage of it...


The part of panoply defending the body. Usually gives the highest amount of AC (Armor Class) for the price of weight.


Protects the head, gives far less AC points than the armor, yet it is always good to have one. Not everyone has as tough head as the dwarfs...


A piece of armour protecting the arms. Important a few AC points.


A piece of armour protecting the lower parts, including the shins. Quite a few AC points.


Dancing with the devil should be performed in neat slippers! Not only is it a sheer luxury, but some useful AC points as well.


An additional protection, used mailny by warriors and knights. Those of good skills can succesfully block all sorts of attacks with their shields. For the rest it's always a few AC points more. Shields guarantee one more vital feature: they defend against bolts and arrows, how succesfullydepends on the size.

Shields as all armours pieces decrease some skill of character (Dodge, Magic etc.) by Reduction parameter.